Rules and Regulation of The International Association of Marx & Engels Humanities Studies (MEIA)

The International Association of Marx & Engels Humanities Studies (MEIA) is established in Manchester, UK on the 202nd anniversary of Marx’s Birth on 5th May 2020.

Manchester was the heart of industrial revolution during the 19th century. The modernised textile industry, Manchester Railway and Manchester Ship Canal had left deep impressions around the world. The industrial revolution had given rise to sociologists and philosophers who are responsible for the birth of different theories and the beginning of social movements. Two of the most famous philosophers of that time were Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Engels was also the author for the famous book titled “The Condition of the Working Class in England” which was written in Manchester. There are many places such as the People’s History Museum, Chetham’s Library, the Marx’s Pub where Marx and Engels would meet etc that are related to them and hold great historical significance in Manchester. It is important to follow their footsteps through their lives to understand their philosophy which had later affected the world greatly.

The association is an independent, non-political and non-religious organisation formed by individuals from the UK and China. The association aims to research and study on the academic philosophies of Marx and Engels in the social and economic influences and the impacts nowadays worldwide, in order to promote international humanity understanding and exchanges, host seminar discussions on the impact of the Industrial Revolution on the progress of modern society and the potential to future developments, promote rich heritage of the Industrial Revolution and of the social development, promote the Gold Age of Anglo-China economic and trade cooperation, and the cultural exchanges and touring of the historic places, promote the Anglo-China culture exchanges and actively participate in the multi-culturalism for the community of common destiny for all mankind.

The association plans to host international seminars annually, organize historic tours of Marx and Engels around the UK and Europe, organize social activities for members, build online and offline platforms for members to participate in discussions, short term exchanges to the UK and Europe for trainings, organize talks by UK an Europe Experts to Chinese Schools. The association will also collaborate with the Marx’s Pub to provide better experience for our activities.

We welcome all of you to join us!

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